August 28, 2005

Aggregators: Building Better Boards?

I know the hip term seems to have changed to the rather less than friendly sounding forums but building better boards has alliteration. Those of you who have suffered through years of TW talks tending, know that alliteration is my friend, so I will stick with it.

Aggregation of blogs is rather like building boards out of people you only like reading. I have found IBD blogs that I like to read. I have found mommy blogs I like to read. Feminist blogs, political blogs, religious blogs, and blogs as varied as my interests fill my blogroll.

I don't have to join a board. I don't need to have a "reason" to go to a board where I would encounter a young mom talking about her infant. I can read and comment or not...without having to be a member or a regular.

I can talk tummy trouble on one of my blogs and have people read it who are having the same tummy issues in their lives, then I can talk community elsewhere without being that woman with the tummy trouble who must be on drugs so we can disregard her.

I can dump a feed with minimal to no guilt. I don't need to have dramatic I am quitting this board posts at hand or email explanations back to those who noticed I vanished from a community. I don't end up dropping a whole community just because the cl or moderator drives me nuts. If the community dies or has clique-y behavior, I can just drop a feed and find a new one with mere clicks of the mouse. No more hunting down the right one. No more emails that say “I heard that the _______ board people are moving to here or there”

I am glad that Blogher foisted the more personal blogs into my life. It has brought back a dimension to my life I had forgotten I missed.


sassymonkey said...

I think that's what I really love about blogs. I can read a friends blogs and post comments on it but I don't feel obligated to go post on all of their friends blogs. I don't even have to read those blogs. Of if I do read them and decide they aren't for me it's no problem.

TW said...

Right. There you go.

Emsxiety said...

I had to read and then reread this to get it, apparently my brain is working slow. I have checked out the blogs of friends without feeling pressured to post or keep going back. It's nice to have the freedom to just read with no expectations too. I like this thing called blogging!