August 26, 2005

Aggregators: Blogher

During Blogher I added the Blogher blogroll to my feeds. This was a HUGGGGGGGGE number. After Blogher was over, I started putting some in a "keepers" folder as I read something that caught my attention. I would delete some right away if they annoyed me, I was bored, not my style, whatever. The remainder I went through one more time last weeks as I was cleaning up my blogroll to make it more find the signal again. I unsubscribed to most of them just because they hadn't caught me enough in the past few weeks to be keepers,I didn't like them enough to keep, or just duplicated other feeds in some way. I sorted the remainder of the BlogHer folder and keeper folder into various topic folders, deleted my blogher folder and keeper folder. I am thinking of bringing back some sort of blog purgatory folder though to keep new feeds in until I decide I love them enough to keep them long-term.

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