July 16, 2008

California Therapy/Whole Foods

I am in Redwood City, ostensibly the lead up to Blogher08 but basically that means I work from a hotel room while that woman of mine works in the office across town. This means I am on my own for lunch. This meant generic cheese nips yesterday, Jack in the Box the day before.

Today though...I went to Whole Foods. I knew I would be on my own for dinner. I could grab lunch AND dinner at the same time. So, I went in. I wandered past the various pre made food stations. I wandered past the stations where you could order. I peered at items. Mr guarding his stacks of fresh pack deli made a snarky grumble about me picking up items to read the ingredients. The Feed 100 bag man approached me about buying a reusable bag. Errr no, I don't want to win a free membership to the local Gold's Gym. Neither troubled me much.

Then I decide on build your own sandwich. Get up to the counter, tell the prep person I would like to order a vegetarian build your own sandwich. (which the sign says can be tofu, grilled veggies or 2 cheeses) She demands a bread choice. Then spread. Grumbles because I just say mayonnaise. Then she impatiently asks about the rest of the stuff I want on my sandwich. Then we get to cheese. I tell her I want cheddar and smoked mozzarella. Then she starts telling me that I can't have that, that I didn't order a cheese sandwich, that if I want two cheeses I need to pay more. Telling is a kind description. She is dressing me down. Meanly. I finally say fine after pointing at the sign and trying to explain my point of view. She wraps my sandwich, practically throws it at me. I check out. (where the cashier does not smile, ask if I found everything, do anything more than announce the price)

So, it was the worst of grumpy people in the service industry in this town I have run across. Not the only ones though. I have decided that is why folks are in therapy in California. Grumpy service folk.

The Holiday Inn Express/Redwood City/Menlo Park location staff is super friendly and very tolerant of the guest that just hangs around and makes requests like don't change the linens, just give me fresh towels.

Edited to add: the macaroni and cheese fresh pack I got for dinner from Whole Foods smelled bad when I opened it but I heated it...still smelled odd, took a bite, tasted even odder. Made Denise smell it. She agreed, bad. Ended up taking it out to the trash. 5 bucks, no dinner. More cheese nips.

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Winnie Hsia, Online Community Moderator for Whole Foods Market said...

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your negative experience with us at our Redwood City store. I spoke with store management there and the Store Team Leader, Jason has assured me that your concerns about the sandwich counter have been addressed and that high quality customer service is more important to us than the technicalities of sandwich construction and pricing.

We're always striving to provide better customer service and thank you for your feedback. If you have any more concerns, you can address them to the store directly and they can take care of things for you!