March 04, 2008

Pregnant Women Dying

Up to one million pregnant women worldwide die each year from largely avoidable causes. Tell me how that makes sense at all. It is tragic. The avoidable causes...sigh.

It is one thing to be in a flurry about an American woman who hoped and prayed for a baby for years, had one and died in childbirth. It happens. Rarely. When it does, the world seems to stop turning in her community on and off line.

But every day there are maternal deaths of women who wanted a baby just as badly...that go unremarked by all but her closest friends and family. It is part of life in her community. Then there are women who don't hope and pray for a baby but because of the lack of birth control, because of the lack of control women have in general in her community, she ends up pregnant and dying because of it.

But, what are we doing about it other than being thankful that isn't our lot?

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