November 11, 2007

Gifts for 14 yo boy

I have a lovely, wonderful, downright fascinating son who will be 14 way too soon. That can't be right since well...I know I just had him!

In any case, he decided on his Birthday/Christmas present MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO. Unfortunately, there was a bit of unhappiness with his report card and of course, electronic items are one way to his heart and soul...and inducing more organized and focused behavior resulted in the removal of said items until after his next report card. All well and good but birthday present because that would violate the restriction. (well using it would and giving him a present he can't immediately use, seems wrong)

This leads me to need to scramble a bit for gifts for his birthday. We had a couple non electronic type things buttttttt his big present was so dearly wanted and so planned, and carefully budgeted for...I hadn't thought of something else.

Any ideas?


dolphyngyrl said...

What about a gift card for said item, redeemable upon production of acceptable grades?

A little delayed gratification never hurt anyone.

Lucy said...

ooh - delayed gratification is so mean. Dare I ask... is the said item one of those 'purely for fun' thingies that all 14 years olds want (some kind of electronic game thingy) or is it something like a digital camera? If its a camera, or he already has one... you could be really smart and get him a book about funky things you can do with your electronic gadgets. Eg. how to take arty photos/airbrush your pimples from family portraits using photoshop/create wallace and gromit quality animated home movies with nothing more than some plasticine and a toothpick?
My mum once bought me a bookshelf. Thanks mum. It wasn't exactly the amazing new water-pistol or trip to Bolivia I'd been dreaming of... and none of my friends seemed terribly impressed. But it was better than the year my dad gave me an *empty* tool box and a pep talk on how much fun it would be to save my pocket money for tools to put in it :-)

TW said...

It is not a game...and he has earned a little time with it. We will see how it goes.

Hey, I would have gotten into the bookshelf...but I am weird that way