September 17, 2007


From Meatless Monday
which is a newsletter and website I adore...except for one thing...they tend to move their recipes around and not have permalinks or a search that always works. So, if you see a recipe you think you will love (you will--some good stuff there)...print it out. I do wish they had a rss feed as well though.


gwen said...

Hi there! I work for Meatless Monday and I just wanted to let you know that we've resolved our recipes archives issues, so links to specific recipes are now permanant!

I hope you find the site easier to use know, and feel free to steal some of the recipes to post on your blog if you want. Thanks and take care! -Gwen

Claudia Blanton said...

Hi! Thanks for that link! I really like that site! I think it is a cool thing, when people place links to really cool places on their blogs.