August 06, 2007

Flight Delays

U.S. Flight Delays Worst in some odd years...really? I had no idea. Shaking my head.

Unfortunately, the experience is all too common. Somewhere, some balance needs to be struck between packing the planes for maximum profitability, scheduling pilots/ground crew safely, and what the equipment can handle. On the other hand, delays will happen and airlines need to learn to handle re-booking quickly and effectively. ::::Staring U.S. Air at Chicago O'Hare in the eye::::::::::

There are a few people who will go into nightmare panic mode on every delayed/canceled flight. The rest of us go with the flow...until customer service turns bad. Then...we chat about it, blog about, change our minds about using you as a carrier, etc. Really...straightforward, friendly staff could have alleviated much of the ranting before/during/after delays and cancellations. We may not have a wealth of frequent flyer points...but we do have blogs, phones, and other ways to get our point across.

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~ nellenelle said...

For some, getting there is the most crucial factor. IMO, it's unconscionable that a flight can be called off when the issue is entirely of the airline's making.

I once sat in an airport and waited for hours, they gave my plane to Buffalo to a flight to TO, which was a far more competitive route. So We waited. And when I arrived in Buffalo, caught the last cab out for the night.

I agree airlines need to be profitable, but there has to be assurance that aside from weather or other uncontrollable crises, the airline will find a way, whether through their own flights or that of another carrier, to get you there.

I'm thinking on when I shipped Rye off, very very hesitatingly, at 13 to visit her aunt. I'd never do that today, the airlines simply cannot be trusted with a child in their care.