July 07, 2007

7/7/7 is Lucky!

No, I didn't get married or give birth on this
'special day'. But you know what? We went to the outlet mall so the only person in this family with money, the daughter child who has been at her job for more than a year and is studious about saving money, could spend her vacation money. On clothes. Well, outlet mall...not really my idea of total lucky excitement. Except...I needed a bra. Badly. I have one at home that has a serious strap slippage issue. I had another with me...that is really umm not sized right...unless of course I am trying for the bound breast look.

I hate bra shopping. I hate bras. I love a well fitting bra...sort of...I have to wear one to work. I sometimes should wear one not at work. But I really hate bra shopping. Women break into tears about bathing suit or jean shopping. I am not likely to do that but bra shopping, I have been close if not actually tearful (ok, I seem to remember crying once).

I generally am lucky with Playtex bra outlets. So, I was hopeful that I could get through it with only six or 7 bras tried on.

But, guess what? I went in. I looked dispiritedly at racks of bras that were not going to meet my bra specifications-cotton, no underwire. Then...an angel...came to me. Ok, a rather traditionally built woman who worked there.

May I help you m'am?

Well, yes, I want a cotton, no underwire bra, that fits me, and I really am not sure what size. (Being the smart woman that I am, I know 85% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra and since I was wearing the breast binder and the other one had strap slippage, I knew I was one of the majority)

The clerk obligingly measured me right there! No getting naked in front of her in the dressing room! Yay! Band size (that would be the number part) 4-6 inches smaller than what I have been grabbing off the shelf. Cup size-that would be the letter size part. One size bigger. Oops.

Then she says, What brand do you want? (errr uh Playtex usually is ok, umm but I don't care-obviously since my last few bras have been umm some Walmart brand) Bali bras are really the best for your shape. Look right here, and she dashes down to right near the door, and grabs the bra. Its on sale she says! And it really was...not just the buy 3 bras, get one by mail. Just buy one get one and the first one was CHEAPER than the last few single bras I bought.

I didn't trust the whole band size thing, so I had her give me the next size up too. She smirked a bit. Ok, she didn't smirk. But you could tell she was confident of her choice. Then...she walked me back and opened a dressing room.

I pulled off my bra. I put on the new one. Ummm She was right. It fit. And it was comfortable. A near perfect bra in one try.

I decided to get the free second one. I paid. I asked if I could change into it there. The checkout clerk smiled and said of course darling. The girl will let you in to a room. Go on back. I changed into the new bra. I walked out...a whole new set of breasts practically. They were lighter. I probably looked thinner. My shirt fell differently. Wow. A whole body makeover in 10 minutes or less. A miracle bra for a uh D cup woman who needs an entirely different sort of miracle.


Emsxiety said...

Wow amazing. Seriously to find a bra in one shot like that. Im jealous.

sassymonkey said...

Yay to a bra that fits properly. You know how happy properly fitting underwear makes me. ;)

TW said...

I know! I am almost jealous of myself. It was AMAZINGGGGGGGGG.

skeet said...

Siiiiigh! My outlet mall closed the Olga Warner store where I bought perfect bras. I only had one perfect bra left. I washed it with a brand new navy blue sock last week. It still fits like a dream but it's really ugly.

I'm jealous.

Lorena said...

Okay, so yes, I am jealous. A bra that fits? But the funny thing is that I could totally hear you saying this in my head as I was reading it.

TW said...

Ha, I tend to write like that.