May 15, 2007

If you need, you need me to be with you

That line from the Gilmore Girls theme song is so very just very appropriate in my life.

I just sat, leaked a bit from my eyes, and watched the series finale of Gilmore Girls. I am not going to do recap and emotions. Sigh, that would be too much.

I just am going to ramble a bit about this show and what it has meant in my life. (this is undoubtedly too much as well.)

Some years ago, I met a lady. This lady met me. We each had three children of our own, three children we are absolutely passionate about. We both understood that as we began talking, as we began become something more, that those six children were more than anything else in each other's lives. So, in my typical way, I knew that knowing these children meant knowing about what they loved. It is what I do with the three children I gave birth to, it is what I do with these three new children. I asked questions. I listened to their music. I watched their tv shows.

One of those tv shows, Gilmore Girls became once we moved in together, a family tradition. That lady and her daughter, the one that was becoming mine as well, sat and watched it together, every Tuesday. Even when the girl child had to miss a week for her job, for being a teen, etc. we watched. We sat. We commented. We cheered, jeered, talked about the commercials, the shows, and about life. Many an interesting tidbit has come our way via a Gilmore Girls commercial break.

Gilmore Girls time was family time. Now, we are casting about for something new, but it won't be the same. It won't be the same way that we talked about relationships, community, life and love.

Of course, as Rory has grown, so has girl child, so that time was coming anyway. She is embarking on some of those same decisions, and yeah, tonight, the moms in the room were once again drawn into thinking about our girl child and knowing we will make lists and try not to cry and over-sentimentalize when she sets off. And yeah, like Luke, it will call for a grand gesture from me...for both a mother I want to see happy and a daughter I love like my own.

I will miss Gilmore Girls time. But, I am grateful to it for so many things. Just one is how it helped me get to know a treasured baby girl who wasn't sure she wanted to get to know me. Yeah, its just a tv show...but need a lead to follow.

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