May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Elvis

Today is Elvis' Birthday. No, not that Elvis, his birthday is January 8. My Elvis...the rat. She has lived with us for a year. She still has eye problems. Denise still doesn't like her. She shares the bedroom with us. She has "rat time" in the bathroom. She loves carrots, apples, broccoli, and yogurt drops. She doesn't like lab block rat food, she seems to like most parts of Reggie Rat rat food. She has grown to like the hammock I knit for her though I think she still prefers the ones I make out of old jeans. She likes oatmeal boxes the best to hang out in. Her one trick is to come for a yogurt drop. She catches colds, she scratches herself when she has too much protein or is stressed out. She also has a congenital eye problem, so she needs eye drops.
Wait, she has a better trick-she cons Denise into yogurt drops.

Here she is on her birthday with her "rat birthday cake" carrots, molasses (we were out of honey) sandwiched between white bread which I don't think she has ever had before, on a bed of oatmeal, with a yogurt drop cupcake topper.

(The scattered mess is spilled oatmeal. The mildew is a result of me not doing the bathroom lately (isn't Florida grand!)-Elvis and Denise are united in their hatred of mildewcide and I have been a bit under the weather so haven't fought them on it)

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