April 30, 2007

Thrift Shop Time

We need to make a trip to Goodwill or some other thrift shop in town soon. I am not really hopeful about going back to the ones we have been to thus far, as they have not had what we need. But, we need:

  • plates: yet another plate broke (of my beloved Shadow Iris Corelle...ok I love it no one else does) Others are lost due to attrition. The melamine plates are dying or have died.
  • bowls.
  • a round casserole dish-the smoked glass one that was my standard for making a lot of dishes...had an unfortunate accident and broke. In a million sesame noodle covered pieces. I hate being clumsy. I would like something the same or something a bit quirky in the same size, preferably with a cover.
  • measuring spoons. Stainless steel just isn't what it used to be apparently.
  • maybe some summer work shirts and pants


Lee said...

we rarely need a reason to go thrift store shopping...nice list though.

TW said...

I hate shopping. She hates shopping. Goodwill was a bust. There were a few cute salad plates but not what we needed. One casserole that would have done ok but not amazing AND may have cost more than new from Wal-Mart. The overall pricing was exceedingly high as well. sigh. It was also really crowded which seemed odd because I have never seen anyone in the parking lot. Then I realized it was student moving time maybe.

Emsxiety said...

I haven't found a really nice one. Im thinking of going to check out family outfitters.I heard it's great.