April 11, 2007

Romance and Marshmallow

I am known as a "marshmallow-y" person among friends and family. You see, about six years ago, I found my inner romantic. There are even people who request my assistance with romance. Shush now, I am not naming names. You know who you are.

Most people tend to think it is just the right combo of love and my natural ability. I think perhaps my combo truly might be sweetness, search and surprise.

Now, I am going to tell you something about wooing women! Learn to make use of the internet. No, not to find a date...ok, well that works too. Use it to find ideas ...like these sample love letters.

You know what? When I came upon this website ages ago, I kept it a secret.

Why? Well, my love does read my blog. Fortunately, I am charming (Thanks to the internet), so I can get my way out of it. (if nothing else, I can go back and get some apology ideas.)

Then, there is the mystique associated with being thought a romantic. You don't think so? Watch women melt with envy when they hear about my latest triumphs of romance. Hear them sigh over the littlest things. With the right words, you can make anything magic-an index card hung in the bathroom, a paper coffee cup, a door hook.

Yes, I make liberal use of sample love letters, love poems, ideas for romance, (BTW-this worked for me ) Look at them. Tweak them. Just wandering the pages of love is sure to lead to inspiration...These are nice ones...down to earth-not too gooey. The sort of thing you can get away with-without seeming like you needed help!

My biggest tip: do it today. Don't wait for your anniversary. Don't wait for Mother's Day. Don't wait for Valentine's Day. Make every day special. You can do it. Just poke around the right places for help.

This post is sponsored, but I made liberal use of the website before the opportunity came my way. I will again...on some day when I need just the thing to make my love's eyes sparkle. (probably tomorrow!) It is sock day and I am a bit behind on the proper representation.


Denise said...

CHEATER! You tricked me! HMPH!

heh, Happy Sock Day, by the way.

Emsxiety said...

Happy Sock Day.