March 21, 2007

Secure Networks!

I spent part of my day taking a class on website security management. A good portion of this class was about networks, how they work, the dangers and ways to avoid compromising your network. Very heady stuff! There is a lot of stuff to think about and consider when working on building a secure network. I don't even fool myself that this class that makes my head spin a little bit (while at the same time, I do love the class...I like knowing how things work) will make me a security expert. Then oddly enough, I come home to find myself wandering Cisco. (coincidences are everywhere in my life)

That is why there are places like Cisco that help organizations build secure networking solutions. They have ways to help secure against all the things we have learned about so far. The big thing for me is helping the user of the network stay compliant with security policies. Some of the solutions help ensure that compliance. Then there are ways to help prevent denial of service attacks that can shut you down and keep the very people you WANT accessing your network from being able to access it. If you have a network in your business, you should definitely think about network safety (even if you have all sorts of IT geeky people working on it day and night). You also should look into solutions that keep your network secure all the time and integrate it with all aspects of your business. If you are going to shrug it off...go take a look at the case studies.

This post has been sponsored by Cisco.

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