March 22, 2007

Let There Be Light!

I have an unfortunate reputation in my house. No, no, not for any of those things. hush! The problem is we have a blended family...and when that blended family blended-part of it liked the darkness. I didn't. I also don't like overhead lights.

So, I brought light to the house in more ways than one. ;-) Now we have a bevy of Home Lighting Fixtures. Since we rent, most of it is of the lamp variety-leaving me to growl about our bathroom lighting and dream about the day when just about any of this bathroom lighting can be installed in our home. With 305 choices in bathroom lighting alone, Premier Lighting has to have something for any and every decor. In the meantime, I will glance over at the ugly four globe incandescent fixture in our bathroom (that is made even uglier by the fact that I am getting too cheap and too Al Gore like to do anything but put compact fluorescents in there...and only 1 or 2 at that. ) On the other hand, there is that dark spot in the living room and I never have found the right solution for the office. Hmmmmm....Let there be light.

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