March 11, 2007


I have always wanted to be a knitter...but my mother was NOT a knitter. I am sure she probably could if she had to but she says she can't. Of course, trying to tame my childhood hands into doing something like knitting-definitely would take the shine out of it for a so-so knitter, maybe even a really good one. There was a brief foray on Christmas day into the "knit-o-matic" which three genius (literally-scarey iq genius sorts) men (engineers actually) tried to figure out how to work the thing. They didn't, but it became a family legend. Complete with me watching long enough to figure it out for myself for a few rows. Then it broke and that was the end of that.

I got a sweater machine at one point when it was seen on tv. I never made any sweaters but I made my sister an afghan and a few scarves and hats. I liked it, but it needed a table and room and light. I still wanted to knit.

I got a knitting mushroom thing a few years ago from Cracker Barrel. I turned out lovely snakey things. It was fun! But umm yeah, just how long can you do that? And so then I tried grown up knitting. With a book that WAS NOT HELPFUL. And I figured out casting on but beyond that it didn't work. I still wanted to knit.

Then I saw space invader socks and I want to make them for sock day but I don't knit so that is a problem. So, I talked to my mother-in-law type person and a knit blog type person. Then I exploded into Michaels. (pretty much a forbidden place in this house as my projects get out of hand and then left)

So anyhow, this time I have managed to make rows and rows and rows of knitting. And I like it. Of course I haven't learned anything other than casting on and making the one knit stitch. But I will.

I even went to hang out with other knitters, which I enjoyed even though I was really kind of nervous and mystified and they spoke a strange special knitting language. They even gave free stuff. And no one jumped to point out all the wrong stuff and they were helpful and stuff.

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Lucy said...

Ah Hah! Another frustrated knitter! Before I came to the UK I managed to make a BEANIE! It was my proudest moment ever. OK - so the ears are on backwards and it looks a bit dodgy - but it was fun. And, you're right - the knitting book I had would have been completely useless without a friend to interpret and demonstrate for me. 'kkt' 'k1p1c2o'. There is a whole secret knitting code which they don't bother explaining in the glossary. My fantasy is to have enough time to learn how to knit properly. Hours and hours to spare. Whole days in front of a nice log fire knitting things out of fluffy angora wool. :-/