March 26, 2007

Do You Buy This?

Are folks lying to the pollers, themselves or am I cynical to think that there is no way that 3/4 of straight sports fans would feel favorably about such a disclosure?

Americans Are Becoming More Accepting of Openly Gay Athletes, According to Survey

In a recent national survey by Witeck-Combs Communications and Harris Interactive(R), nearly three-fourths (72 percent) of heterosexual adults say they would not change their feelings toward a “favorite” male professional athlete if the athlete revealed he is gay. This represents an increase from 66 percent in August 2002, when heterosexual adults were asked the same survey question.

In contrast, when asked how they think other sports fans would feel toward an openly gay sports figure, 72 percent say that others would have less favorable opinions. This measure, however, has decreased from 2002, when nearly eight in 10 revealed that they felt others would have a less favorable opinion.


Emsxiety said...

What people say and what they do aren't always the same thing. That's why that study/poll hits me as off based a bit.
Or maybe Im just cynical.

TW said...

Exactly. Same thing I think when I see all those Americans are ready to elect a ______________ for President.