January 26, 2007

Valentine's Gifts

I have a way with Valentine's Day Gifts. Really, I do. Actually, I have a way with gifts in general. Just ask anyone...or peer at my extravagant gifts. (Hey, I have such a way with gifts, I got away with giving an empty bottle of shampoo and three potholders (two from Walgreens, one a Pepsi one from Ebay) to my love for Christmas and she was nearly overcome with the joy of it all. However, not everyone is as talented and naturally marshmallow-like as I am. Fortunately there is help. The folks here have all sorts of Valentine's Day Gifts ideas...including some of the most intriguing yet not foisted upon my love (yet) printed roses. I wish I could send the babies the missing you ones though.

This is a sponsored post...but ...check out the ideas and play with them in your head until you have sorted out the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

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