January 31, 2007


It has been cold in this part of Florida this week. Ok, cold, requires some qualifiers-it only got to 65 or so today and was in the 40s last night. I know, the rest of you are reeling from real cold weather but humor me. I have lived here almost 9 years, 60s are cold. 40s and 50s are FREEZING.

Travel a few hours south of here and the locals are freezing too...at 10 to 15 degrees warmer. The rest of the country considers that bathing suit weather. I might too at this point! Looking at the Bradenton vacation rentals made me want to head on down to soak in the sun and surf.

What? You don't know Bradenton? It is on the Gulf coast of Florida, just outside of Tampa. It is the place to go if you want to see dolphins, sea turtles, or just spend a little time on the Florida coast. It also is the place to go if you are a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Bradenton is home base for their spring training.

In the meantime, go peek at the pictures, enjoy the daydream and consider how nice it is to have your "own" house when you are on vacation. More and more, I think it is the way to go on trips. Room to spread out, you don't have to rely on a sketchy "free continental breakfast" and sometimes you get to stay in your dream home.

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