November 14, 2006

KFC targets extraterrestrials

KFC is the source of quite a bit of debate in our household. I myself, really like their chicken and cole slaw, neither of which I can really eat anymore darn it. Now, I am an extra crispy woman and well OTHER people prefer original recipe, a difficult enough issue.

Then there are the socially conscious members of our household who think KFC is completely evil. They seem to believe some PETA propaganda...err information.

Those family members won't be shocked by KFC's newest tactic: targeting extraterrestrials. Yes, REALLY, according to Reuters the KFC President said: "If there are extraterrestrials in outer space, KFC wants to become their restaurant of choice," To facilitate this, there is a new 87,500 square-foot image of Colonel Sanders in the Nevada desert, making Kentucky Fried Chicken the world's first brand visible from space.

I am still skeptical even if it is Reuters...not say the Onion. Oh wait, when I went to link KFC, I see that they talk about it as well.


Lee said...

this may be a reason for me to begin eating at KFC again...principle be damned...even though I'd like to know what makes them think that's what we want for fast food in space

skeet said...

Original for me, please.

Tht red apron is just WRONG.

You'd think they would have used more logic before they made all of those tiles. Shouldn't they have put a picture of a chicken or a red and white bucket full of Kentucky fried goodness? Our vistors aren't likely to know that he IS fried chicken, are they?

Emsxiety said...

Extra crispy here too please with cole slaw and potato wedges.

Colleen said...

I wish they would have just donated the $$ spent on that thing to charity!

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