November 13, 2006

Dell Coupons and Dual Core

Tis the season to start looking around for deals and coupon codes on all nature of things. Computers definitely are a biggie. I know this time last year, I was on the hunt. CheapStingyBargains (I love the name by the way) has Dell Coupon Codes. They even have a lot of them for Dells with Dual Core which seems to be the latest and greatest thing to promo about computers. I saw a commercial the other day about it and meant to look it up. Now I know what it is, because the Dell with Dual Core made me make good on my promise to myself to figure out just what is dual core.

Now I know, it seems to be a new AMD (that means not an Intel one...different sticker on the outside of the computer) processor that combines two independent processors and their respective caches and cache controllers onto a single silicon chip, or integrated circuit.

What that means as far as performance (because let's face it...most of us only pay attention to the geeky particulars of things like processors when trying not to look completely stupid when wandering into an electronics store.) is that if you multi-task on your computer in a serious way (say have 50 open tabs, try to load a few huge pdfs and play doom at the same time (or more accurately burn a cd and play Doom) ) your computer won't have heart failure and freeze. What it sounds like to me is the same kind of cool improvement that being able to multi-task on a computer at all is...yes boys and girls...once upon a time you could only run one program on your computer at a time.

So, if you are looking for a dual core processor or some other deal on a Dell or an array of other interesting things, you might want to check out CheapStingyBargains.


Denise said...

I want dual core!

TW said...

Keep dreaming. I will give you dual core Kaboodle style but uh that is about all I can do.