August 27, 2006

I Need an Extension!

I am fundamentally lazy when it comes to blogging. I bet no one has noticed that, but I will admit it. ::::eyeroll::::: Now aside from the fact that this keeps me from being a Six Figure Blogger. (Anyone have ideas for lazy bloggers who want to be six figure bloggers with health insurance?) I have another issue. I decided to go for the cool Blogger beta thing. (because I am a fundamentally lazy blogger who sees the need for tags but doesn't just because well...I am not consistent because it requires an extra step. And well, because it is a new toy and new toys are fun, and besides that No Fancy Name talked about it, so I had to give it a go. ) I have it...only problem...Blog This doesn't work anymore. (edited to add: No Fancy name warned me ahead of time but I went on my merry way and switched anyway) Waaaa! So, what will work with Blogger Beta?

I need to know because I would really like to be posting about Katie Couric being perky according to Pew but all this hand linking stuff...bleah. It takes the spontaneity out of my thoughts! I know you come to read me for my spontaneous thoughts. Right?


JM said...

ok, CLEARLY you didn't read very closely. :)

I said: "If you migrate your account to Blogger Beta and use any third-party publishing tools (e.g. Performancing for Firefox), you'll be out of luck until a new build of the tool becomes available—developers need to add in new hooks to the system."

bummer for you!

TW said...

I read that. I just figured they would be quick or I wouldn't notice really. I don't think these things through too well sometimes.

JM said...

Actually they're [everyone] being rather UN-quick about it. I'm not terribly pleased about it either, but I know the Performancing guys are working on it (that's what I use) and I have to believe the BlogThis fellows are too...just not terribly quickly. :(

TW said...

Performancing didn't play nice with something of mine when I tried it out, so I went back to BlogThis, though with the number of extensions I try and ditch, I probably don't have whatever caused the issue in the first place. I liked their options better. So, mostly my whine was just a I can't find anything, maybe the extension folk have figured this all out and I just missed it. Besides, sometimes when I ask for a magic extension, I get it.