July 12, 2006

Things I Wish Existed

or may exist and I don't know about.

1. A firefox extension or actually a thing that works all over the computer from word and powerpoint to firefox and ie that automatically turns things I type into hyperlinks. So, if I type Wee Hours it automatically inserts the html to turn it into a clickable hyperlink. Yeah, I could set up macros but I am essentially a lazy person and don't want to figure that out. I want a nice box where I say turn this into a link every time.

2. A grown up version of a Neopets neohome, where I can store stuff to create my fantasy home. From art and appliances to paint on the walls. (thought of when clutter busting and broke of course) It could be a cool shopping search site, showcase of homes style, you create your house, and invite folks or put it on the tour of homes, and they can wander and shop for real live goods through links embedded in the objects. I don't want a second life, I just want a second home that doesn't need dusting, cleaning or money or an addition when I collect. This has no basis in my real life, except my tendency to hate cleaning, dusting, and reluctance to buy stuff for myself. It just would be fun to decorate a virtual home with virtually real stuff. Sorta like combining internet wishlists with neohomes and those create your dream house architecture software programs.


sassymonkey said...

Oh! I think I heard about a video game online thingie that is kinda like your second one.

Now I just gotta remember *where* I heard about it and try to find it...

TW said...

See, second life is kinda like that but not really(at least this is my understanding of it). And I want to say wander Engadget, click on something cool and then add it to "my house."