July 05, 2006

Our Wild Adventure

We set off about 10 days ago on a Wild Adventure...to Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia. No, it wasn't a 10 day trip. We left home on a Monday and returned home on a Wednesday. 10 days in Valdosta would be too wild!

We arrived at the hotel ready for dinner! After perusing the choices at the exits and the nice book in the hotel room, I far from unanimously chose The Ole Time Country Buffet. Boy child thought Chick-Fil-A would be a far nicer choice. Middle Girl child felt anywhere with food was a good. Youngest girl child didn't like any choices. With the power of executive decision, Ole Time Country Buffet was sought out. Go look at the link. See where it says voted #1 Southern Cooking? Those people voting knew what they were talking about. This was really, really, really good. Waitress was sweet as molasses too. Just in case you aren't convinced yet: HOMEMADE COBBLER. Kids brilliantly happy. Loved it.

Next morning, we headed to Wild Adventures. I worried a bit because though they advertise Short Lines, the obvious theme park crowd was crowding the hotel in the morning, so I figured on a big crowd at the park. No! The parking lot-very empty. A few short rows to the main entrance was where I parked AFTER the park opened. (I tend to be a before the park opens sort of theme park person but my children aren't) We head on in and picked up our second day free tickets. Worry over navigating the park! Ack! I didn't make a plan. Oh, wait, I didn't need one. That is right: no plan, no waits. The first ride-we had to wait for the coaster to get back to the station. That pretty much set our wait for the rest of the day. No lines. Really. Did this mean the rides were lame? Not at all. The rides were great, there was a nice mix of "big" rides with old standards. All seemed well maintained. The staff was for the most part very friendly. (We noticed a grousy swing operator on the second day)

Afternoon rain sent us back to the hotel to dry out for a bit and then return to the park later. Later was even LESS crowded! Everyone enjoyed the cooler post-rain weather and being able to ride again and again and again.

We went back a second day, spent more time at the water park than on the first day. We missed all the shows though. I think parks should allow you to set up a text message on your cell phone so you get buzzed 10 min before the next show.

All and all a successful trip...my kids who have been to all the major Orlando parks and a good number of other parks, said this was their favorite park ever.

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