July 26, 2006

My Blogher Suitcase

My packed Blogher suitcase. You see my favorite t-shirt, one my son made in 3rd grade for his Amazon rainforest unit, it is called the angry bird. 2 button-downs, work business cards, and triple As (I believe for the bathtub light, though maybe for the camera? Not for whatever you are thinking)

*Note on shirt: my beautiful daughter made one in third grade but by that point they weren't selling black tshirts so it is on white and hasn't worn quite so well. I also have two other favorite shirts, with kid pics on them but they definitely have not worn well. So rather than subject all you Bloghers with favorite but rattiest clothes, I was selective, though you won't be able to tell because I don't really have new clothes (although one shirt I am bringing is new from the second hand store). I would really rather have a complete wardrobe of kid tshirts though.

I am rambling, sure sign of antsy-ness.

1 comment:

skeet said...

Hee hee! So are we supposed to vote on which of you packed the prettiest suitcase?