July 28, 2006


I was going to gush about my plane trip yesterday. But now there is so much to say. We are in the Crazy idea session and Nancy White just spoke and someone with Blurb (which is cool, go look, Lee could do us a coffee table book of art stuff.) And Melanie Morgan, Nancy White, Susannah Gardner & Lauren Gelman have now all introduced themselves.

Did I mention I met Nancy White last night and gushed? After starting with Parent Soup and iVillage a million years ago I discovered Nancy while trying to find out how to do message boards. She wasn't really talking message boards then, but I could turn her online interaction stuff into message board stuff. So, I have had a blog crush on her since before there WERE blogs.

I have gushed at all sorts people and then given blank looks to others that I WOULD have gushed at had I seen writing instead of a real face.

All sorts of stories right now about community formed online, which everyone knows I dig.
Ha, Beth Kanter just said she was a community blog addict. That sums it up. I am just like that!

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