July 15, 2006

Beach Life

It is July and beach time is here. I have to admit beach time for me wants to encompass the whole of summer. My fondest memories of childhood vacations were at Virginia Beach. Then as an adult Florida beaches took over. I never imagined what having so many miles of coastline could do to the beaches. I hesitate to tell you these things because well, I like them all nice and uncrowded, but there are so many, I can share. Go look: http://www.flausa.com Uncrowded? Yes! Despite the rumors of back to back people on beaches, there just aren't. I am sure if you manage to hit some of the big name beaches during peak times, they are but...I have yet to come across a beach in Florida that was wall to wall people. The other nice thing about Florida beaches is you can rent homes or stay at hotels steps from the beach without breaking the bank. Really. Back when I could, we would take the kids for a week to Cape San Blas, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, for a week and rent a great house for a week. (sand like sugar, really, go look in your kitchen cupboard, see your sugar, that is what the sand REALLY LOOKS LIKE) No kids sleeping on top of each other! A kitchen! Space to hang out. For less than it costs to stay at most hotels in the rest of the world for a weekend. The locals always were friendly or delightfully crusty. Sigh. I want beach time and I want it now. Long days of sun, sand and absolutely no stress other than where is the sunscreen?

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