April 04, 2006

Firefox Extension

I need a Firefox extension. Or actually any computer program that will allow me to do this. I can keep dreaming; I know. Here is what I need though:

I need a way to highlight and copy text on a web page (or any sort of computer document), pick up a pencil, (a real one) and click paste and have it inserted into the document I am hand writing. LOLOLOL.

I am editing on paper. I needed to insert something off of a page of code. highlighted. copied. then picked up my pencil...the paste button didn't work!


Yeah, yeah, yeah. That is what eyes and brains and hands are for...got that. It just would be a cool thing.


Biognome said...

Sounds to me like you want a tablet pc...

I know I do.

They've got excellent handwriting recognition software.

TW said...

I need the reverse of a tablet pc. I need to write on paper, in handwriting, sometimes, drat it.

Denise said...

Dale - no, she doesn't. She would not know what to do with it. I, on the otherhand, need one. Badly. REALLY badly.

Lucy said...

Well, some might say that's what a printer, scissors and glue are for! I've done some amazing essay drafts that have been 2/3 hand-writing, 1/3 printed, hacked, stuck, re-stuck stuff off my computer.

"Cut and Paste" - the old fashioned, mixed media alternative??