February 15, 2006

Sixteen Candles

What I Did For Lloyd: "great length why women still think about Jake Ryan -- the cool-mannered, Porsche-driving, completely fictional hunk from the 1984 teen flick 'Sixteen Candles.' Then came the e-mail. Women (and some men) wrote in for months, mostly affirming this fantasy. One dreamer in Dallas talked about the lady down the street with toddler sons named Jake and Ryan."

You know, my kids dad and I went to Sixteen Candles on our first date. It was a classic case of teenage fitting in when we went...neither one of us knew enough about the other to suggest that the current hot flick among teens was probably not our first choice. That said, I seem to remember enjoying the movie.

However, I don't think Jake or Ryan ever came up as a baby name because of it. (even if I was to pick out some sort of "type" from a bunch of movies, he probably would still rank high even if I didn't remember his name.)

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~ nellenelle said...

lmao, my daughter sports the name Ryan, picked by moi, and it most certainly had no connection to the movie, even if I did subsequently see it several times and enjoy.