February 09, 2006

Australian Senator Abortion Candor

Salon.com Life | Broadsheet: "In a debate last night over the approval process for RU-486, the 'abortion drug,' Australian Senate leader Lyn Allison made the personal political. Allison told the Senate: 'An estimated one in three women have had an abortion, and I am one of them.'"

Wow. Can you imagine the jaws dropped? Can you imagine a U.S. Senator saying such a thing?

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1 comment:

~ nellenelle said...

Geesh, I missed this. Kudos to her for stepping up and saying this.

Not that those who have aborted wish to tell the world, but that this is news still says much about where we ultimately are on rights, especially given the point you made on someone saying such a thing here.

I'll have to post that to the feminism board.