January 12, 2006


I am going to Blogher! Reservations are made! No sitting in a chat room and reading like crazy at home! YAY! I am so excited I made a Kaboodle page. Join in, comment, star, vicariously laugh at the idea we will do other stuff whilst there.

If want to add an attraction? restaurant? something else? Important info? to the page, (or just know something about San Jose) then email me and I will send you the magic edit key.

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~ nellenelle said...

Kewl! I'd love to go, but I'm rooted... have a great time!

sassymonkey said...

ohhhhhhh fun!!!!!!!!!

(Kaboodle link isn't working.)

TW said...

Try again. I was republishing to add the badge and edit things.

Lee said...

I think I'm jealous y'all are going

p.s. I just had to type in the longest word verification EVER :)

JM said...

Well, given that I _live_ in San Jose, I can give you all sorts of info about where to go and what to do!

Emsxiety said...

I am jealous, I'd love to go. Course Im also rooted. BAH! Can't wait to hear all about it!