November 25, 2005

The Turkey Baby Turns 12

My baby boy turned 12 today. My first labor and delivery, 3 weeks late on Thanksgiving Day. Definitely a child worth waiting for...even now when he drags his heels.

This has been a big year for him. He left elementary school behind for a middle school across town. Changing classes, heavy workload and new expectations have been a challenge. He still seems to me to be a baby but then I look again and see the changes into a truly big kid happening. His face is starting to rearrange from a little boy to a teen's face. His perspective is maturing into something new and different, a bit wiser and a bit more childish as he discovers fitting in, more peer input, and big kid expectations.

This is also the year when he started to devour video games, and his chatter has been full of them. Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Kirby and their assorted worlds.

At the same time, over the past couple of years he has become the cuddly kid he never was as an infant. He will curl up on the couch with me and just cuddle.

This is the boy child I have worried over since day one. What did I know of boys? I was raised in an all girl household. I knew few boys well growing up and when I did, I was just one of them. I still am clueless about boys, but I know this one, my boy child. We have a lot in common. We both are quiet unless we get running at the mouth. We both need time on our own. We both sometimes wonder how we ended up in a home full of energy and silliness. We even both have our tummy troubles. (Yeah, I know, not really something to brag on) He is sweet and kind and high handed and bossy. He is sensitive but covers it well...but that doesn't mean he doesn't know or doesn't care. He has a devilish sense of humor.

And for him...his song

You came on like a dream, like peaches and cream, lips like strawberry wine. You are 12, you are beautiful and you are mine. You are my bundle of joy, my sweet little boy with eyes that sparkle and shine, you are 12, you are beautiful and you are mine. You walked out of my dreams and into my arms, you are my angel divine. You are 12, you are beautiful and you are mine.

I can't imagine a better son or loving anyone quite like I love this sweet stubborn boy.


Emsxiety said...

Happy Birthday to you both!

~ nellenelle said...

Happy Birthday wishes...

very nicely written, tw...