October 11, 2005

Not Really Allergic

Personal Training, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition, Treadmills, Stopwatches (via Lazy Trainer : "A new study shows that many teens who claim to be allergic to certain foods are in fact not allergic at all:

“Dr Dean told the BBC News website: “We were surprised that such a high proportion of people in this age group perceived they had a problem, and at the number who avoided certain food groups."

Ok, has Dr Dean ever been around a group of children; particularly older children? This is as fashionable and timeless as blue jeans. It is a community thing. If you puke after onion rings, if carrots make you gag, if you want to be obsessive about your diet, declare it off limits because of allergies.

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Emsxiety said...

I hate mushrooms. I simply tell people I am allergic to them, have done it since I was 14 or so.
As a child I was allergic to tomatoes, chocolate, raspberries and strawberries among other things, I kept eating them! Many emergency room visits later I am no long allergic to them.
But mushrooms..mushrooms I am still allergic to, just ask me!