October 25, 2005

Children ARE a Choice

I am a feminist and I have more than 2 children. Worse. I am a lesbian feminist with more than two children. And...I chose each and every one of them. They have yet to fall prey to creeps. They are reasonably well-behaved. Their parents have a good idea where they are and what they are up to. They are exceedingly well-loved.

Yet...somehow...it is either anti-feminist for me to have more than my share or "anti-family" for me TO have them.

What to do. What to do. Make everyone happy and dispatch with them?

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Stephanie said...

And, what pray tell, is a fair share of kids? I must be both anti-feminist and "anti-family" since I have none. Of course the reasons for not having children will fall upon deaf ears and I will be labeled as a dismal failure in either camp. How shall I go on as a feminist that believes in family yet is neither married nor lesbian?

TW said...

Apparently 1 or fewer per person. I think childfree by choice are welcomed everywhere except among serious everyone must breed to save the race folk.

Denise said...

OH balonie TW, childfree by choice people aren't welcomed anywhere, except among other childfree folks (and even then there is suspicion) or by those of us who have some secret (or in my case not so secret) longing to be childfree.

The families of childfree folks are MEAN to them. Coworkers, bosses, big corporations and the US Freaking GOVT aren't so hot on them either.

Childfree people rank right up there with us lesbians who have six kids. Or should I say down there.

In my next life I'm going to be childfree (as much as I love these darn kids) and I'm going to be militant about it.

Marginalized people without any significant voice in this society, that's what childfee by choice people are.

~ nellenelle said...

I must have missed something you read or whatever... feminism, at least the form of which my passion attaches to, is all for women having the ability to make their own choices, to follow their own path, and having kidlets most definitely falls within the scope of that belief. IMO, someone who attempts to tell any woman the choices she is making for her life are contrary to the goals of feminism needs to take a good hard look at their beliefs. Someone may well make choices I'd not dream of making, say... a stay at home, husband rules the roost, kind of life... but that's fine, so long as they do not attempt to impose that upon other women, which unfortunately too often is their goal.

Be you. It's what your partner wants, it's what you want, and such a choice is completely supported by any feminist worth a damn.

As for childfree, you have heard me rant on one of my major pet peeves before, that of those who make it their life's goal to bug others as to when they will have kids. It drove me crazy, it drives me crazy.

>wants to see the third poster in this next life. Film at 11.<