August 13, 2005

Online Community Love Story Part 2: Onfac Enters..

About this time I ran across the Online Facilitation group. Now, they were not talking message boards and when they were they weren't talking run of the mill parenting message boards. I think I first found one of Nancy White's Facilitips pages. I don't really recall (and definitely don't ask me) how I found it pre-Google, while using AOL. I looked at it and it didn't look like anything that even vaguely resembled what I was dealing with. I, somehow eventually got up the courage to get placed on the listserv. There were a lot of rules as to who could belong and I wasn’t sure I qualified. I joined and was quiet, really quiet, professional lurker. I think I maybe said something once or twice but was seriously intimidated by these professional community facilitators, with signature lines, education and businesses.

I would be able to use something I read on the list to help me find words for something I had figured out or wanted to share. This would be turned into a very TW like story and shared with others trying to build community (who had a tolerance for me…lol.) I from time to time would send someone promising to Nancy White’s site but most didn’t get how that had to do with us.

I have never been sure if it was just because I tend to find relevance wherever I look or whether they just weren’t getting it yet. Or if they were just smart and didn’t want to be the one fighting for everyone else to get it.

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