July 30, 2005

Life Lessons

Average Jane: Average Jane's Life Lessons

I completely agree on the typing thing though I never could type 88 wpm. I am forever telling the story of my father and the typing thing.

The high thread count sheets, yes, definitely. I tend to prefer Overstock.com or Bed, Bath and Beyond. (the plus is that you can go fondle the sheets before you buy or when you are just wandering the store.)

Salon shampoos though...well...if it was just the shampoo then no. But what Salon shampoo is in this house is a memory, an experience, a scent and a gift meant to woo. The smell of Rosemary Mint Aveda on wet hair is the scent of love, romance and very very special. The scent that lingers in the dry hair is the scent of bedtime, of naked skin and long hair in my face.

My bizarre ricochet from salon shampoo to suave to head and shoulders to whatever is cheap back to salon shampoo is of course insane and no, probably not worth the salon shampoo but a woodsy scent, scientific looking hair care or whatever grabs me during one of the few times I spend money on myself.

Things I have learned:
Trust that the only person who will never in a million years do that to you doesn't exist.

Things everybody knows may be things only you know.

Women don't need to carry purses to be prepared for every contingency.


Denise said...

Giggle - you need to be more specific about those good sheets. They MUST be WHITE!

And, I do believe you could get marshmallowy over any shampoo, it isn't just the Aveda that does it to you.

TW said...

White is a given and no, your shampoo is the only shampoo I have ever been marshmallowy about.

sassymonkey said...

lol. I can't survive without salon shampoo - not happily anyway. Cheap shampoos make my scalp break-out. Actually it's like that for all the women in my family (maybe the men too - but it's not something I talk to my brothers about).

And I would say that only you TW would get marshmallowy about shampoo but I once say a movie where the male lead was dumped and drank his ex's shampoo...he obviously was supposed to have marshmallowy feelings about it.